Wed May  4 00:09:37 CEST 2005

Blog up and running


Wow this was easy :) Like I said earlier, I've been intending to set up a blog
but I wanted to write the code base myself... the actual code is simple, but
designing the page... well, Im very very picky and I never actually get around
to finishing it. And it doesnt really look all that good besides... So I
decided to go for Nanoblogger.

Its a command line based blogger, so you just go
% nb -a
and after asking some questions about the new entry, it starts up vi/emacs/nano/what-have-you and you can write. Nice! Oh and it takes care of the design part as well. Now all I have to do is fill it :) I encountered a curious bug when installing nanoblogger- it seems to have to do with NFS and directory creation. I nfs export the www/ directory so I can reach it from my laptop, but when I create a subdirectory and a file (say foo.html) from my laptop via nfs, I can't access these entities via the web server... I get a Access Denied. Strange. Workaround: I created the directories after sshing into the web server box. --