Wed May  4 10:05:45 CEST 2005

Gentan finally at Dagis


We had a parent-teacher meeting the other day, and one of the employees at the day care center mentioned that Gentaro was... well lazy. He absolutely refuses to walk, he wants to be carried or sit in a baby walker. So today I decided to try to get him to walk to dagis (dagis = day care center in Swedish). After getting Gentan dressed, I strapped Ayumi to myself (we've got a whole bunch of different carriers and slings, but today I decided to use the Ergo for this). When I got back to the living room and Gentan saw Ayumi in the carrier he went ballistic- he realized what was coming up. Total tantrum. You know how hard it is to get anything done at all with a little child on your chest? All I could see when I looked down was Ayumi. No matter how I tried to look by her, I just couldn't get a good look at Gentan, so that could get his boots on. Remember, hes a moving target. Total pain for all three of us. So in the end I just decided to dump him into the buggy instead, and let him win round one. I've decided that tomorrow I will get going a half-hour in advance, put Ayumi in the walker and after that- try to win round two... --