Thu May  5 23:51:05 CEST 2005



Today is Kristihimm! Wee! Whooopieee!

Hmm. Well I didnt know that that was the reason most of Sweden was off
work today till quite late today actually. Kristihimm, which is short
for Kristihimmelfärdsdagen, is known in the English-speaking
world as The Day of Ascension. Which, I might add, is pretty much what
Kristihimmelfärdsdagen means.

The thing is, it didnt occur to me to ask why today was a
national holiday. I knew it was some Christian holiday, but not much
more. And I would ask people, and they're like "hmm I think its some sort of 
Christian holiday". I guess the Swedish population is quite secular.
Or perhaps we're ignorant and we dont really care? Or could it be that
we never became truly Christian?

Anywhoo, since Anna was free today, we packed up this morning and left
for a parklek in another neighbourhood, called FRuängen. It was
really nice. A really good spring day, it must have been at least ten
degrees outside in the shade (in the morning). In the sun- well it was
really warm.

Its finally spring, and though Im not religious in any way, it was a
little symbolic that spring came on XR's alleged flight to heaven.