Fri May  6 10:33:46 CEST 2005



Normally I crunch about a novel a week, or if its a technical book,
two weeks. This thanks to travel time to and from work. Just before I
came home for parental leave, I bought a book I've been intending to
read for some two years - Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson. Its a
pseudo prequel to the Cryptonomicon, by the same author, which I
enjoyed immensely.

Ironically, Im home all the time, but I never have time to read!
During the last month I've only covered some two hundred pages. Its so
frustrating. The short periods of peace when Ayumi is sleeping and
Gentan at dagis is spent cleaning up, or if thats done, with my
numerous linux boxes (and now, updating this blog).

I suppose I've automatically prioritized other stuff...