Fri May  6 16:22:48 CEST 2005

Gentan Ill


At round 1:30 pm, just when I was thinking of going out for a little
shopping with Ayumi, a teacher at the dagis called and told me that
Gentaro woke up from the afternoon nap with pus in his eyes and a
terrible cough. GAH!

Fortunately the dagis is just around the corner, so I popped over to
get him. He looked terrible around the eyes, like a history professor
I used to know who always, always looked tired. Rings under the eyes
and all that.

Anyway, now we're all at home, and its quite hectic- Gentan is ill but
he is as energetic as usual, so he's running around and playing. Which
is a good thing, but Ayumi hasnt had a chance to really sleep deeply
(since Gentan disturbs her all the time), so shes not really in the
mood for anything. I have to hold her all the time so that Gentan
doesnt whack her on the head in a friendly (?) way. Right now she's
sitting on my left arm, and I've been writing this sentence for the
last minute. She's helping me type (thank you Ayumi for your kind

Now she seems happier and I just put her down on the floor, and with
one arm Im fending off Gentan who wants to play ball with her... as
the bouncing board. God, how does anyone get anything done at home?