Sat May  7 23:33:24 CEST 2005

Birthday party


Today we celebrated Gentaro's birthday for the third time in as many
weeks... This since we wanted our friends to come on one night, and
parts of the extended family on one day and the rest on another. This
was the last of the three birthday parties, and boy am I tired of
parties for kiddies. Im happy we wont be holdnig one
till... August. When Ayumi turns one. 

Anyway, many people were here- 

And of course Anna, Gentaro, Ayumi and myself.

The kids had a blast. When I drove Lovisa and Linnea (who were the last to
leave) home, Anna put the kids to bed, and she apparently asked Gentan
"Did you have fun today?" Gentan answered sleepily "Aaa" (which is
baby-talk for Ja (yes in swedish)).

Tired but content- thats how all birthdays should end :)