Wed May 11 20:41:48 CEST 2005

Driving with Ayumi...


Ayumi doesnt like the car. Or actually, she doesnt mind cars per
se, but its sitting in them, strapped to a baby car seat. The
moment she realizes that shes going into a car, she starts to yell her
head off. We've tried giving her the bottle, toys of many kinds
(bright colours, the ones which makes noises, etc), talking with her,
singing, giving her a napp, switching the ceiling lights on and off,
etc. Nothing helps. Eventually she falls asleep... Poor girl.

Today Ayumi and I did quite a lot of driving. First we went to a
hospital to get a doctor to take a look at her cough. She's been
coughing for some three weeks (on and off), and it really sounds
terrible. Lots of phlegm in there. The doctor did some testing and
some fifteen minutes after the blood test he concluded that she just
had a common cold. He recommended me to give her one tenth of her
weight in water per day. 

Thats almost a liter! Now she's in bed for the night and I've
concluded that I managed to squeeze in some 200ml during the day. If I
make a rough guess of how much water there was in her food, I think
we're up at 350ml. How am I going to get almost triple that into her?

After we were at the hospital, we went home for lunch, then we were
off again to help Ullis and her daughter Maja with dropping off her
car- they needed a ride home afterwards leaving the car. On the way
home, Ayumi was quite quiet, I suppose she had resigned herself to her