Tue May 17 00:33:31 CEST 2005

Sjalbarn BB-forum


Anna showed me a forum where she normally hangs out, called "Sjalbarn", where people like us who
are slightly (or more than slightly) obsessed with baby slings et
al hang out. Nice forum, with lots of info for people interested
in carrying their kids around instead of using a barnvagn.

We have quite a few different kinds of slings/carriers here at home:

We dont really use them all all the time, but its quite fun to try
them out.

My favourite is the Ergo, mostly because I use it on Gentan, who is
quite sturdy and its (hihi) the least Hippie-like carrier of them
all. Annas favourite is... well Im not sure right now, but I think
that its currently tied between the Tricotti and the Hoppendiz.

Another fun thing- its nice to see Free Software / Open source
software used by people who have no idea what it is- the Sjalbarn
forum uses the PHPBB motor, licensed under the GNU GPL.