Tue May 17 01:05:56 CEST 2005

the 4400


Just saw the first pilot episode of a TV-series called The 4400, and damn
its funky! (Warning, the link points to the series home page, and it
has a few spoilers... I read the summary page by mistake and it just
told a bit too much...)

Without giving away too much, its about 4400 people who have been
abducted at some point in the past, who all get dumped by a lake in
front of a bunch of government people and mass-media. The series seems
to follow a few of the abductees and the main investigators. Worth
mentioning is that one of the two main investigators is played by Joel
Gretsch, who also played the abductee investigator in the "Taken"
mini-series, but this time as a good guy... I think.

This first episode was really good. Very promising.