Wed May 18 14:28:01 CEST 2005

Getting Gentan from Dagis


Yesterday was the second time I was very late picking up
Gentan from Dagis. Very, very embarrasing. All but one of the
staff go home at 3pm, and thats when Im supposed to pick him
up. Latest.

I was late yesterday because I was building the binary
counter. You know how you get into a problem and just cant get
it out of your mind? Well thats where I was. Well, actually, I
had written code which functioned, but I wanted the code to be
elegant. It takes time- especially since I write this kind of
stuff in perl. The expression "Elegant Perl" is an oxymoron

Anyway. Today Im not going to be late. Im going to be there
a few minutes before 3.