Fri May 20 10:01:27 CEST 2005

Walking Gentan to Dagis


Our dagis is right around the corner. Its really close. I
normally takes me perhaps three minutes at the most to walk
there alone.

But with Gentan, this little walk becomes an Oddessy of
Exploration- he has to stop and point at every car on the way,
pick up every twig/stick/leaf, touch every fence with a
stick, test sitting on every step, examine every stone.

It takes almost thirty minutes.

Oh to change the suject- This morning Ayumi resisted with
all her might when I put her on her morning potty and started
to cry. Gentan looked at me with a sharp eye and said
"Nonono!! Mimmi", pointing at her and the potty. I glanced at
him, and asked him if she shouldnt be on the potty. He
answered "Aaaaa" (yes). After that he ran about the kitchen
looking for something, and came to me and with gestures told
me that he was looking for Ayumi's soother, to calm her down.

What a nice big brother! Looking out for his little sister,
telling me that enough was enough (with the potty) and trying
to comfort his little sister with a soother. Wow.