Thu May 26 09:58:47 CEST 2005



I saw Episode III Tuesday, and... well, I was a little
disappointed. I was hoping for a very dark movie, and got a
movie which was admittedly dark, but it could have been so
much more! The actors were top notch, very good, and the story
incredible. But the dialog was lacking in lustre. Without a
good dialog, a story becomes flat- and not very
believable. The knife could have been twisted much more, and
when order 66 was given...  the tragedy could have been
depicted more vividly. There were scenes which should have
brought tears to my eyes, but instead what I felt was
a detached feeling of tragedy. Its too bad.

I also felt that there was too many layers of symbolism,
they just cancelled each other out and the final result was a
little flat.

All this being said, I still enjoyed the movie immensely,
it was very entertaining.