Sun May 29 12:53:08 CEST 2005

Torleif down last night


Last night we had an incredible lightning-storm, with
stormy winds, shaking trees etc. Very impressive. I felt quite
safe in our apartment until Anna told me that a friend of
ours, Daniel, had computers taken out by lightning on two
separate occasions.

Whoa! So I rushed to my computers and turned them off. So
our web services (various subdomains of yanson.org and
kvarnstrom.nu) were down last night for some twelve
hours. Email didnt go down since I (fortunately) installed a
secondary mail server some months ago at a different location
(But our web-based email client was, of course, down for the
count...) Why a secondary is good to have? In the event that
the primary is unavailable, the second mail server will
receive all emails and forward them to the primary once it is
available again.

One thing I regret is that I didnt run the uptime command
before I turned off my hosts. I know that the last time I
restarted my laptop was just before I went on parental leave
(4th of April), and my main server (mail, web, etc) has been
up a little longer than that. Oh well.

Hmm just got an idea, it would be geeky and cool to have an
uptime highscore for each of my boxes on this webpage
somewhere... hmm.