Mon May 30 23:24:11 CEST 2005

A diaperless day


For the last couple months, we've been training Gentan to
go to the potty instead of using diapers. After I pick him up
from dagis, I normally take off his diapers and he goes
commando (i.e. wore normal underwear) until bedtime.

Today, Anna was home sick from work, and since there were
two of us at home, we decided to try not using diapers at
all for the entire day. It worked well!

We asked him every now and then if he wanted to use the
potty, and he would tell us yes or no. Sometimes he would
signal that he wanted to bo to the bathroom too. We even went
out shopping, and though we were a little worried about having
'an incident', all went well.

Huzzah for Gentaro!