Wed Jun  1 15:57:41 CEST 2005

A diaperless night


The day before yesterday we put Gentan to bed without any
diapers on. Gentaro woke up in the middle of the night
confused and crying, asking for diapers to peepee in. He
absolutely refused to go to the potty.

Last night we tried again, this time telling him several
times in advance during the day that "Tonight Gentan will be
really duktig and not wear diapers" etc. We reminded him to go
to the potty before he went to bed, then woke him up around
1am and got him to pee, and behold! In the morning he was
still dry. He woke me up, and together we went to the living
room to watch his morning cartoon (The Simpsons). Then I
brought out a potty, and there was absolutely no resistance-
he sat down and did some serious elimination!

We're hoping that Gentaro will be completely diaper-free in
a month or so.