Thu Jun  2 12:23:56 CEST 2005

Poor Gentan


We were out today, Gentan, Anna, Ayumi and I, and though
Gentaro has spots everywhere, he was in quite a good mood. We
had lots of fun.

But when we came home, he hid behind the apartment door, on
the stairway side, and Anna and I didnt notice that he had
stuck his index finger between the door and the frame... We
started to close the door, and he started to scream his head

Poor Gentan! His finger has a big dent in it, dark
blue/purple in colour, and right now he's sitting there in the
sofa, covered in itchy spots, tear stains on his cheeks,
holding his finger with his other hand. 

Im off to the drug store to buy some local anaesthetic for
his finger. And something for his spots, Im not sure what they have.