Thu Jun  2 13:55:33 CEST 2005

Spray-painted Vera


Yesterday I bought some chrome coloured spray-paint for
vera, my media-box. Vera's chassis had this creamy colour,
stained with what probably was a mixture of nicotine,
sunlight, and oily spots. Now its not a pain on the eyes
anymore, not thats its beautiful or anything..

Of course, I made a mistake fixing it up yesterday- Theres
this plastic label "Dell OptiPlex GX1" which I carefully took
off before washing it on the front of the chassis, which I
placed on the floor next to the computer... which I happily
threw away by mistake. Doh!

Today, when I was off to buy some anaesthetic for Gentan I
went by the Skärholmen flea market, and I found another one of
these ancient computers there! I asked the owner of the stall
for the little piece of plastic, and at first he refused to
sell it, but he quickly changed his mind when I offered 100
SEK for it. I only had 80 SEK of course, so I offered him
that, which he agreed to... damn overpriced piece of

Now all I have left to do on vera is embed the remote
control receiver onto the front...