Tue Jun  7 22:58:23 CEST 2005

Gentan still spotty all over


Its been a week now since the first spot appeared on
Gentan. Just around lunch, Anna's cousin Sara called and we
talked a bit about the chicken pox. Her kids Oskar and Nina
have had it already, and I was eager to hear how it developed
with them.

One thing she said which was really interesting was that
the virus stops being contagious four days after the first
spots come. That really made me feel great- this would mean
that I could send Gentan to dagis tomorrow! Yay!

So I called dagis to tell them that Gentan would come
tomorrow. But they informed me that they would appreciate it
if Gentan could stay at home at least ten days (if
possible fourteen days) after the first spots appear. What an
anti-climax! Both for Gentan and myself. And Ayumi for that
matter, who has to deal with a big brother who decides
what she may and may not play with...

Oh well. I talked to Anna now, and its as I read on the web
originally- the virus is contagious as long as the spots are
ripe. As soon as they dry up/fall off/disappear (choose one)
all is well, and he can start mixing with people again.

So I guess I've got a few days left taking care of two kids
instead of just one...