Thu Jun  9 09:53:35 CEST 2005

Gentan finally at dagis again


I called dagis this morning asking them if Gentan could
come back, since his spots were dry and its been like 11 days
since he started showing the symptoms. They told me to bring
him in so that they could take a look at him.

I brought him over, and after taking a good look at his
face and stomach they said YES! I cant put in words how
relieved I was at that. Finally.

Its been quite hard on him, these last two weeks. He's used
to hanging out with his dagis-buddies, but he's been all alone
without his friends. Only me and Ayumi. Boooring. So he's been
alternating between being hyperactive, running around the
apartment and pushing Ayumi around, and being super calm, on
the border of being in a stupor, staring at Sesame Street
programs (over and over again).

Anyway, when I showed Gentan to Batool, one of the
dagis-ladies, she looked overjoyed when she noticed that
Gentaro wasn't wearing any diapers. Well, I explained, since
he's been home all the time, and scratching his body all over
the place, we figured that it was a good time to get him off
the diapers completely. There have been a few incidents per
day, when he peed on himself by mistake, but all in all, its
been working out very well.

So I left him at dagis with seven pairs of undies and
pants. I hope that he wont need to use them all...

Anyway. Its great that he's at dagis again!