Thu Jun  9 10:17:37 CEST 2005

New Hard Disk


A few days back, I ordered a new hard disk from dustin.se
for vera. Its a 7200rpm 40GB unit. It was the smallest one I
could find which didnt cost too much. For some reason, the
smaller that hard disk, the more expensive it is, counted in
SEK/MB. Too bad.

Everyone seems to assume that a large hard disk is better
than a small one, but in my case I dont need more than,
say 5 GB, or perhaps 10. Vera's operating system (thats the
kernel, swap partition, applications, and data in
/var) take up less than 3.5GB. And I've installed
lots of unnecessary applications on it. My configuration
files take up much less than 100KB. This is one really good
reason for Free Software (www.fsf.org), software which is
developed free are often very compact. I suppose its because
noone wants to write bloated code when the application is

Anyway, the current hard disk is 6448MB in size, which is
more than enough. So why do I want to change it? Because its
ancient, and sounds like a chainsaw.

So now Im waiting, waiting, waiting. It should come
today. Or tomorrow.