Mon Jun 13 19:18:31 CEST 2005

Gentan says Dada, Ayumi developments


Today Gentans dagis was closed for administrative blaha
reasons. So I had Gentan and Ayumi home today.

One positive thing with the chicken pox interlude was that
I learned how to take care of both children- it was damn
stressy in the beginning but now... I feel quite at ease with
two kids. Its kind of like juggling chainsaws. Easy.

Anyway, We were out today, in one of the playgrounds in our
viscinity when I noticed that Gentan called me Dada. Yes! I
have written earlier here that he called me Dada, but this
time it was different- he called me Dada, and did this
repeatedly. cool.

Afterwards it was back to the normal "Mama" again, but
heck, there's been developments!

Oh, and lots and lots have been happening with Ayumi
lately- first off, she's almost walking now. She has another
tooth coming, this time the upper front tooth. Shes also
talking all the time, in her own special dialect of
gibberish. She reacts to her name.

Not bad eh?