Mon Jun 13 19:30:14 CEST 2005

Rebuilding torleif


Just a short notice- I've had some problems with libbz2.so
(part of bzip2 package). I tried to fix it while stressed out
and it of course just got worse, now I've got quite a few bad
packages, and many programs work badly, if not at all.

One implication is that the webmail application has
not worked (mod_php and php are busted) for a few days. For
those of you who access my mailserver via the web interface,
please have patience.

Oh and my upstream IP provider has had a maintenance window
as well (ain't it just typical). Since
helmer.yanson.org, my secondary email server is
being repaired, some emails sent between midnight Sunday and
nine-thirty this morning might have bounced. Rest assured, the
connection is back up and running.

Anyway, To fix the problem, I decided to rebuild the entire
OS (together with all applications), with the command
emerge -ev world. I've distcc'd it over some six
boxes so hopefully the entire environment will be recompiled
by tomorrow.

To summarize: