Fri Jun 17 10:49:08 CEST 2005



The day before yesterday Anna took the day off, and the
four of us went to a park called Hagaparken to meet a bunch of
baby carrying enthusiasts. Hagaparken is locaetd north of
Stockholm (description
in english, in
swedish), and is very very nice. Theres this huge lawn
which spreads down a gradual slope down to the lake
Mälaren, and we all sat in the shade of a huge tree.

It was nice. I sat and spent the entire day eating, chasing
kids, reading in the sun, while Anna and her fellow
conspirators showed each other different slings and carriers
of various labels. I actually partook in the discussion from
time to time as well- its an interesting topic!

Oh and some pics here: http://album.yanson.org/sjaltraff_20050615.