Mon Jun 20 14:14:18 CEST 2005

Stupid BredBandsBolaget


My upstream provider, called BredbandsBolaget, made another
booboo yesterday. For the second time this month, I had a
downtime of over twelve hours. For some damn reason both times
have occurred on a Sunday evening, after 1800, when their
technical support calls off for the day. This time, my link
was down between 19:26 CET and 0946 CET. Damn irritating.

So I called them up in the morning, and after a bit of
time, they asked me to call later on since their customer
database was down as well *sigh*. I called them up after 45
minutes, and they connected to my next hop and restarted some
service(s), which brings my connectivity up again.

The worst thing is, they won't reimburse me for the
downtime unless the downtime is something like 48 contiguous
hours. (!!)