Mon Jun 20 14:27:54 CEST 2005

Sunburned legs- i.e. its summer


Yesterday, Tomas, Emma and their darling daughters (Tuva
and Pella) came over to Skärholmen. Anna and Gentan were off
at a Baby shower, so it Ayumi and I, together with our guests
went down through the forest to Sätrabadet and sat and enjoyed
the sun...

... And I burned my legs in the sun! Fortunately I was
wearing my trusty ol' Tilley Hat (My
hat's website) so I didn't get burned on my face nor my
head. Phew.

It was really nice! Just Goro-Goro and relaxing in the
sun. Afterwards we all walked up to my neighbourhoods
playground and played Boule while Tuva spent time digging,
climbing, and generally having a nice time.