Tue Jun 21 23:51:58 CEST 2005



I normally put Ayumi to bed around 8pm, but today she just
didn't fall asleep. Period. In the beginning she was happy and
and just played around, but around 10pm she started to
cry. And Cry. And CRY. AND CRY.

I swear. A crying child can drive a person insane. And Im
not joking, I really mean that a screaming baby can drive a
parent completely mad, so that the parent does things which
he/she would NEVER do otherwise, which they will regret for
the rest of their lives. I never really got that far myself,
but I found myself swearing at Ayumi, which is something I
never ever have done before.

Well. Now she's sleeping. Finally. 

You might be wondering where Anna is in this whole
scenario. Anna's out with her collegues at her boss's place,
eating good food and having fun.

Why tonight?!
I hate it when this happens because I know that she's not doing it to spite me. I tried everything to get her content- carried her around singing some sleepy tunes, feeding her, checking her diapers, changing them sometimes, we took a walk in the forest, I held her in a sling, I put on her sleeping music, tried putting her on her potty. And she just cried and cried. In the end I just wanted to leave. Well whatever. Anna just came home. Now I can relax. --