Thu Jun 23 00:40:29 CEST 2005

Visited the family Berglund


Today Anna came home early, and we packed the kids up and
went over to the family Berglunds for dinner. My family (that
is, not Anna, Gentaro, and Ayumi, but my parents, my sister
and myself) has a summer place in Komstad,
in Skåne, and when we were kids the family Berglunds
used to rent a house closeby ours.

They have two kids, who are now adults- Max and Alex.

Anyway, we went over to them for dinner, and it was (as
usual) a great meal. After an initial shyness, Gentan and
Ayumi really got comfortable, much thanks to Max and Alex
playing with them. We also met Max's girlfriend, Lina, who
seemed to be very nice!

By the way, we skipped the pram today. Instead, I used a
Ergo Baby Carrier for carrying Gentan, and Anna used her
trusty Hoppendiz for Ayumi. Wonderful. Its hard to describe
the freedom of not having to have a large pram with you in the
subway. So after the dinner, we walked from Slussen to
Zinkensdamm, a 15 minute walk in the near-midsummer
night. Very nice!