Mon Jun 27 13:10:55 CEST 2005

Yet again, its Monday


Its crazy that a full 1/7th of our lives is spent on

But for a Monday, the day has started quite well. Ayumi and
I went to the doctor this morning for a regular checkup, and
he (the doctor) said to me that she (Ayumi) is very healthy
and strong- and cute!I think I spontaneously grew some three
or four centimeters. Oyabaka.

She's been sleeping badly the last week- going to sleep
late (approx 11pm), sleeping little during the daytime (less
than an hour). Slowly Anna and I have been going nuts about
this, since if she never sleeps, when will we have time to get
anything done?

Anyway, she's sleeping now. Perhaps it was just a phase,
since today she fell asleep eating lunch. Kawaii! Little
wonder considering how little she's been sleeping lately.