Wed Jun 29 14:15:01 CEST 2005

Anna drives to work


Yesterday, Anna tried driving to work. Normally, she takes
the subway, and it takes one and a half hours one
way. Driving is the obvious choice, but she's hesitated
for quite some time, since to avoid the morning traffic she
would have to get up very early (we live south of town, and
her office is north of town).

But like I said in another blog entry, she works 80% of
full time now, and furthermore her employers reduce everyone's
work day by 10% during the low-intensity summer months. And to
add to this, most people are on vacation during the summer so
there's no morning traffic to worry about.

The result is that she leaves for work at 7am, arrives
there latest 7.30, and can leave at 14.30 or so, back in
Skärholmen at 3pm. Now thats great!

So we're going to pick up Gentaro together today, and
perhaps go off to IKEA to look at a new TV table (which will
fit the new media chassis for wilbur.yanson.org.