Thu Jun 30 00:09:57 CEST 2005

New parts on their way!


Yesterday I ordered three new parts to
wilbur.yanson.org. Originally I was thinking of
buying a Silverstone LC14B-M, which looks really flashy, with
a built-in VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), remote control,
etc etc, but after doing the sums I decided that it was just
too expensive. The chassis and the power supply (which is not
included) costs a bit over 3000SEK. And with such a nice
chassis I would never really dare to cut it apart for

Instead, I decided to go with the cheapest crappiest
desktop box, with a (prolly really noisy) built-in
powersupply. With the rest of the money, I ordered a Hauppage
WinTV PVR-350 and a Zalman fan (nice and quiet) for the
processor. All three items together were cheaper than the

You might think Im a little daft, after all, the
Silverstone includes a remote and has a nifty VFD! And having
to buy a separate fan isnt that dumb, then I could buy a nice
silent one to begin with, I hear you cry. 

But here's the thing- the PVR (Personal Video Recorder)
includes a remote. This remote is supported completely by LIRC. And about the VFD- I
think I want to buy one of my own choosing. That way I can
choose its size, colour, type (text or graphical), etc. And I
get to use my fun tools (both physical and programmatical)
too! And finally, I really wanted the PVR, so that I can watch
TV on my mediabox, and record TV-programmes, rip old VHS
cassettes, etc.

Still in doubt? Well, finally, the cheap box is quite ugly
(pic here), so Im going to
have to take it apart and beautify it (ahem. For those
of you who dont get this last argument: hacking hardware is a
good thing for me.). And its big (built for ATX) so my
micro-ATX will slip in with no problems, leaving lots of space
for other things. Like disks and fans.

I can't wait till it gets here!!!