Sat Jul  2 10:48:19 CEST 2005

Components arrived yesterday


The chassis, CPU fan and PVR card arrived yesterday. Wee!
I had decided to get the processor and motherboard, together
with the harddisk etc from the IBM I borrowed (.. will buy, I
mean) from Magnus. Its a little too bad, since the IBM is a
state of the art box, every little detail is well-thought
out. Unfortunately its just a little too small for the

I put the machine together last night. I had a little
problem with the processor, which was glued onto the metal
heatsink. I was going to remove the original fan etc from the
processor in the IBM box, and I assumed that it was just pull
upwards carefully. But since it was glued (not just a normal
paste) the whole processor came off together with the block. Nooo!

I tried to remove the processor from the heatsink, but I
didnt really dare to use much force- who knows, it might
break. So I was stuck there for a while. I couldnt just put
the heatsink back, since the block of metal was larger than
the ZIF components- i.e. I would never manage to close the
lever properly (the heatsink would be ni the way). What to do?
What to do?

I did what everyone should do- I called my dear friend
Magnus (MCA), who has fiddled with hardware much longer than
myself. He didnt really know what to do, but he suggested
trying to remove the processor using a little more force. I
tried that and plop it came off. Yay!

Besides that, I really had no real problems. The connectors
on the IBM motherboard didnt match the cover which came with
the chassis, but I used my old knife/scissors combo and it
looks ok now.

Finally, before I went to bed last night I adjusted my USE
variables for the mediabox and I started a stage two emerge.
USE="-cups -ipv6 -postgress\
X acpi alsa apache2 cdr dvd emacs encode gtk gtk2 imagemagick\
imagemagick java kde lirc mmx mozila mysql mythtv oggvorbis pam pnp\
samba sse ssl truetype trusted usb xml xvid"