Mon Jul  4 11:39:25 CEST 2005

MythTV or Freevo


So, now I've gotten all the components I need to make a PVR
box, with most of the necessary bells and whistles. Now all
I've got to do is set up the software (groan). Seriously
though, its going to be a lot of fun.

So shall I install MythTV, Freevo, or write
something of my own? I think Im tired of hacking my own stuff
when theres tonnes of free software to choose
from. vera.yanson.org was a pilot project, where
I wrote most of the code which tied together the different
applications. It was fun, and it works, but its... ugly. This
time I want something flashy. So... mythTV or Freevo. Freevo
or MythTV.

Judging from mailing lists and the Gentoo Forum, MythTV seems
to be a little more mature than Freevo, but more of a pain to
install. Apparently, MythTV also has good support for the
Hauppage PVR 350.

I havent made a final decision, but I think Ill go with
MythTV to begin with.