Fri Jul  8 00:21:16 CEST 2005

Yesterday, we went for a walk...


... down to lake Mälaren in the evening. We normally
do this when the kids just dont want to go to sleep- we pack
Gentan into a pram and Ayumi into a sling (the Hoppediz, or
the one Anna sewed). Its nice. We walk, talk, and eventually
the kids just fall asleep. 

Anyway, yesterday I packed some coffee into the pram so
that after the kids fall asleep, we could sit somewhere in the
grass or on a bench and relax over a cup.

So we walked and walked, and they just didnt get tired like
they normally do. *argh*. So after some time, we decided that
we could sit down and let the little monsters run around,
while we drink coffee.

So why am I boring you with this story? Well, the cool
thing was that while we were sitting there Gentan came up to
us and said "pisch", which is his poetic way of telling us
that he wants to pee-pee. Then he promptly went by himself to
the nearest tree, pulled down his pants and relieved himself-
all by himself!!!

Anna and I looked at him, then each other, in
amazement. This is what we were waiting for! Even if he has
been off the diapers completely for almost five weeks, we
normally still have to remember to ask him every now and then
if he needs to go. We're hoping that from now, we will need to
do this less and less...

This is just great :)

PS- after one and a half hours of walking, Gentan finally
fell asleep, but our little Duracell rabbit Ayumi was still
ready to rock. Only when we came home did she fall asleep,
completely exhausted.