Fri Jul  8 00:37:10 CEST 2005

War of the Worlds


Me and my buddy MCA (Magnus Carlebjörk) went to see
the War of the
Worlds. I was a little sceptical before the movie, I wa
afraid it was just going to be another "Gawd bless America"
movie, where the USA rescues the world from the evil clutches
of the slimy aliens, but no! It was very very good. 

I found myself holding my breath through almost half the
film, and for once the CG did not get in the way of the

Funny, at certain points in the movie, when Rachel (Dakota Fanning)
is threatened by events, and Ray (Tom Cruise)
tries to rescue her, I felt a surge of emotions I never have
felt before. It was a very powerful urge to... get her out of
harms way, no matter what. Im guessing that it was a
combination of me being completely absorbed by the movie
together with me being a father... Strange.

Anyway, all in all it was a great movie, I liked it far
more than Star
Wars: Episode III.