Mon Jul 11 00:39:02 CEST 2005

wilbur revisited


ok, so heres the deal. vera.yanson.org (my old
multimedia box) has stopped working ( I re-emerged some stuff
and I cant be bothered to fix it- takes too much time) so I
decided to take her apart and use her parts for
wilbur.yanson.org, my new multimedia box. So more
ram, an extra DVD device, a 40G disk, and some more fans.

By the way, after rescuing some files (/etc/*
and /var/lib/portage/world) I checked the disk
using a destructive check (badblocks -s -v -w)
and found nothing. So Im hoping (quite naively) that it
might have had something to do with the filesystem, not the
disk, and now I have two disks to play with. To be on the safe
side, Im going to install the OS on /dev/hda and
use parts of /dev/hda and all of
/dev/hdb for my mythtv stuff. I'll be using LVM2
for this so that I can easily expand the virtual partition if
I should add another drive (or more likely replace the
possibly bad one with a new one) and expand the virtual
partition accordingly.

Its a bother to have to start all over again, but there
were a few things I wanted to redo anyway, so what the
hay. Anwyay, I've always wanted to play with LVM2, heres my

Im using the following howtos as a guide to build my box: