Mon Jul 11 18:22:13 CEST 2005

Ayumi fights back!


Funny, until now, Gentan has been able to do pretty much
what he wanted without Ayumi noticing or trying to do anything
about it. Not so strange really, since she's so much smaller
than him. He would take a shovel she was playing with, and she
would either not notice (and find something else to play with)
or she would become sad, and call for reinforcements (thats us

Today, all that changed. Ayumi was sitting nicely in Annas
lap, and Gentan, who was sad, demanded to sit there. Since
Ayumi was so content, and Gentaro so sad, Anna put Ayumi down
onto the floor, and lifted Gentan up onto her lap. Thats when
it happened.

All of a sudden Ayumi started to defend her right to sit on
Annas lap! Standing on her tiptoes, she grabbed Gentan by the
arm and tried to pull him off onto the floor. Gentan started
yelling and Ayumi started to cry, still pulling at Gentans

Way to go Ayumi!