Fri Jul 15 23:57:57 CEST 2005

Chakushin ari 2


Last night Sara and Magnus were over to babysit the kids,
and Anna and I went out to watch a movie and grab a
bite. Originally we had decided to watch The Fantastic
Four, but when we got to the movie theatre we saw that
Chakushin Ari 2 (One missed call 2) had come to
Sweden. We decided to watch it, since we really liked the
first one.

Like OMC, this was a Japanese ghost story, where the victim
gets a message on his/her phone telling them when and
sometimes how they will die. The deaths are always horrible,
and the film was very creepy. In this sequel to OMC, the story
becomes more investigative, and the plot takes them to Taiwan,
where the story has quite a horrific ending. I liked it.

The thing which creeps me out now, after watching the
movie, is the cell-phone melody, which I keep on imagining
will suddenly start playing in some dark corner of the

If you like Japanese horror films, this film (and its
prequel) are a must!