Mon Jul 18 22:34:34 CEST 2005

A small step for Ayumi, a Great Leap for Ma & Pa


Yep, Ayumi walked today! It was about two hours ago, when
we were discussing some getting-the-kids-to-sleep
tactics. Anna sat on the floor with Ayumi and I was on the
sofa with Gentan. Gentan half-asleep, was watching Walt
Disney's Peter Pan on video. Ayumi, having recently learned
how to stand up on her own, was practicing away: Sitting, then
while holding Annas hand, standing up; Then sitting down, then
standing, etc etc.

Before we knew what she was really doing, she had let go of
Annas hands and stood there on her own. This she had done
before, but it was cute all the same- Ayumi very proud,
standing there with a huge grin on her face, all the while
Anna and I told her how wonderful she was. Thats when she saw
Gentan sitting on the sofa in front of her and she took her
first unaided step in her life towards him. Then another
step. Then yet another, till she got to Gentan, sitting there
on the sofa.

Anna and I were overjoyed and we pepped her as she toddled
over to G. Even Gentan woke up from his Peter-Pan stupor, and
had noticed Ayumi walking.

Wow! 11 months old, and walking. Not very early, not very
late. Silly, but Im so proud of her- I've got a smile on my
face as I write this entry :)