Tue Aug  2 00:31:24 CEST 2005

WebCollage: Exterminate all rational thought


Today I found the perfect way to turn off my brain for long
stretches of time. I installed the newest version of xscreensaver when
I yet again noticed the screen-saver app webcollage. I've
played with it before, and its a great screen-saver- Assuming
that you don't mind getting random images reaped from the
internet dropped onto your screen (yes, in default mode there
is not parental filter).

As it is, I find the app really intriguing, since the
internet consists of sooo much data. One thing I missed
though, was the ability to see where the image came from- when
I discovered (with a little googling) that the maintainer of
xscreensaver, Jamie Zawinski, has a web-version of
webcollage. In this version you can click on any pic, and you
come to the original site. Very cool.

One thing about images on the net- its too bad, but most
pics out there are images of text. Or banners. Quite

Oh and theres a web version for those of you who arent on a
Unix system: http://www.jwz.org/webcollage.