Fri Aug  5 23:19:14 CEST 2005

One year with Ayumi


So, Ayumi has finally turned one! This last year has been
completely hectic, everything has been turned
upside-down. Having two kids under three isnt really something
I'd recommend, we've had diapers everywhere, baby-food on the
floor, walls, under the table, on the chairs, everywhere, all
the time. I dont know how many times we've cleaned the
apartment from wall to wall. And sleep? Bwahahahaaa *sob* The
first months were a real pain.

But its been really rewarding as well. Especially now, with
Gentan completely off the diapers, and Ayumi using the potty
maybe half of the time. And Gentan now eats food by himself
without wreaking havoc on the known universe. And of course-
Now that Ayumi is old enough, Gentan has started to play with
her. This makes life for us alot easier, especially when only
one of us parents is at home to look after the kids.

Yeah, so having two very small children is kinda like
jogging- its a total pain while you're jogging, but its so
nice when, afterwards, you take off your sneakers and stretch
out on the grass with a cold glass of water.

On Ayumi's birthday (the second of August) we woke her up
singing away (Swedish birthday song). We brought her a bulle
with a candle in it, which she found very

We had decided to buy her a tiny easy chair since she
really loves the one we gave Gentan last Christmas (its called
Öland). After breakfast we went to IKEA to get one, but
they had just stopped producing them, and had none in
stockl. Doh! We'll just have to buy a second-hand one off
Tradera.se or Blocket.se.

In the evening Auntie Sara came over for dinner, as well as
Nisse, an old friend of ours. I made lots and lots of Gyoza
(Korean dumplings), enough for maybe six adults or more. Ayumi
liked them, while Gentan was a little more sceptical.

It was a really nice dinner. The kids went to sleep very
very late, so they practically fell asleep while we were
changing them into PJs.

I put up some pics of the day over at http://album.yanson.org/20050802_ayumi_one_year. 

Happy Birthday Ayumi!