Thu Aug 11 17:37:13 CEST 2005

A very busy summer


Yeah these last five weeks have been quite tough on my
nerves. On Gentan and Ayumis too. Five weeks ago, Gentans
dagis closed for the summer holidays. And with that, I had two
kids at home, full time.

Two kids, aged around one and two, are more than a
handful- total and utter chaos... But it worked out, with
patience, planning, and help from the video and mediabox
(thank you Walt Disney!).

Today, Gentan, Ayumi and I were at our playground when I
looked over the fence and parking lot to see that Gentan's
dagis was open. Slightly jarred, I realized that it was quite
possible that dagis had opened already, and that I could have
sent him to dagis on Monday, and not next Monday.

Not really believing myself, I packed the kids into the
pram and walked over to the dagis. And yes. They were open.

I just cant believe it; Gentan could have gone to dagis
four days ago. Poor us! Gentan, because he's been bouncing on
the walls for lack of activity; Ayumi, because she's been the
target of Gentan's activities, and myself, because its been so
much work.

But on the bright side I can send him there tomorrow. And I
can finally start planning for our trip to Japan... which
starts next Friday.