Thu Aug 11 17:50:51 CEST 2005

mythtv box on hold


These last few weeks have just been too busy to work very
much on the mediabox wilbur.yanson.org. I have,
however, managed to test things a bit, but to no avail. 

Im stuck on IVTV. I just cant get a picture from the
TV-line. I can get static on both video and audio, but no
picture. These are the things I've tested:

I havent tested all combinations of the above, but many of
them. The strange thing is that the 2.6.7 kernel and version
0.1.10 of ivtv are copies of a friends (working) version of
ivtv. He can get a picture, and it all works.

So the question, of course, is if Im tuning into the right
channels. I've tested ptune.pl (from the ivtv package) with
channel info from my tv provider (comhem). But I still dont
get a picture.


When I get back from Japan Im gonna put together a proper
list of what I've done and post it on the ivtv forum, perhaps
I can get some help there...