Sat Aug 13 00:48:45 CEST 2005

Chain letters


Anna and I were driving home today, when we started to talk
about email chain letters. Remember them? For some reason I
haven't gotten any for quite some time, which is, nice, I
suppose. But I kinda miss them. I guess my spam filter removes
most of them for me... Below are a few of the ones I've
received over the years... (some of the quotes are... well I
made them up).

The lucky letter which threatens you
Yep, we've all gotten one of these, they promise you happiness
forever as long as you send it on. But if you dont...
Send this email to everyone and you'll get money, love, and luck! If you don't you'll lose your job, your house will burn down, your family will disown you, your computer will break down, you'll become allergic to air, and die. Dammit.

The poor women in Afghanistan letter
I actually can't find a copy of one of these letters, I got it regularly under a three year period. First telling us how bad the women in Afghanistan had it (which of course, was and still is true), but afterwards you're supposed to add your name at the bottom and send it on to everyone.
As if this would help them...
The poor little girl Amy...
Poor Amy Fiddlebronx from Omaha has no arms and no legs, her mother is a druggie and she has no money. Fortunately, if you send a copy of this email on to everyone you know, The first Bank of America has agreed to give her one penny. Oh and forward this email with everyone who has received this email in the body, so that email leechers can get the addresses and see who knows who...
What kind of cynical company would give a penny for each email? And how would they know that you had sent it on? If everyone CCs the bank, the mail server would have died ages ago. Stupid chain letter.
Virus warnings And some people actually sent this on... Stupid people...
A deadly new computer virus that actually causes home computers to explode in a hellish blast of glass fragments and flame has injured at least 47 people since August 15, horrifying authorities who say millions of people are risking injury, blindness or death every time they sit down to work at their PC!

Get a Ericsson phone for free!
Dear customer,
Our main competitor, Nokia, is giving free mobile phones away on the Internet. Here at Ericsson we want to counter their offer. So we are giving our newest WAP-phones away as well. They are specially developed for Internet happy customers who value cutting edge technology. By giving free phones away, we get valuable customer feedback and a great Word-of-Mouth effect.
All you have to do, is to forward this message to 8 friends. After two weeks delivery time, you will receive a Ericsson T18. If you forward it to 20 friends, you will receive the brand new Ericsson R320 WAP-phone. Just remember to send a copy to Anna.Swelund@ericsson.com - that is the only way we can see, that you forwarded the message.
Best of luck
Anna Swelund
Executive Promotion Manager for Ericsson Marketing
Yet again, how could anyone, I really mean anyone believe this crap? --