Mon Aug 15 22:51:24 CEST 2005

Philosophy & Psychology


I read in the Swedish daily newspaper DN today that the Ministry of
Education (Skolverket) is considering merging Philosophy and
Psychology with History lessons. (Article

Outrageous. The article is very critical of the proposal,
but theres one thing which strikes me as odd. To me, the very
fact that they want to merge these three subjects displays a
lack of understanding on their side of what these subjects
actually deal with.

Sure, there is an overlap. A part of Philosophy (The
Mind-Body problem) overlaps with Psychology. And Philosophy
overlaps with history in that philosophical breakthroughs and
the consequent paradigm-shifts influence the course of
history. Um, and psychology and history overlap... well not
that much.

What were they thinking? Sure, save money. They can
rationalize everything so that one teacher (prolly the history
teacher) will hold lessons on psychology and philosophy. But
teachers who know these three subjects well enough to teach
them are very rare. It saddens me that the Ministry of
Education are filled with people who aren't
educated. Idiots.