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Just a few words on diapers; after all, this blogs name contains
the word diaper :)

We use reusable diapers

We use washable diapers. You know, the kind you see the babies wear in older Walt Disney movies. This, as opposed to disposable diapers, made by transnationals like Pampers, or local coorporations like Libero. For those of you who know nothing about diapers- the disposable diaper is made of a few layers of paper like material, which wrap an inner core made up of a moisture absorbing material, often in the form of tiny spheres. This material can often absorb incredible amounts of liquids before the surface even starts to feel wet. If the child defacates, the paper diaper encapsules it, hopefully keeping all the icky stuff on the inside. This, of course, depends on how aggressively the kid poos, all parents who have used paper diapers remember a few (or more) occasions when the kid somehow managed to poo up their own back, resulting in a really pooey mess. The washable diaper, on the other hand, is often, but not always, made of cotton (linen, fleece, etc are also used). They can come as square sheets of cloth which are folded to fit the child, or prefolded and sewn into a shape which can easily be put on the kids bottom. Often, these diapers have a wrapper. These wrappers normally have two functions: They are often made of wool or an artificial plastic material which stop moisture from getting out, and they keep the inner diaper in place. When these diapers get wet, they feel wet (excempting fleece diapers here). The intention is to remove the diaper as soon as the child pees, and replace it with a dry one. When it comes to poo, folding diapers are probably the best of the lot (this includes the paper disposable variants), since if you fold and wrap it properly around the kid the poo very seldom actually gets out. Finally, rice paper is placed between the kids body and the diaper, so that if the kid does poo, its easy to take the paper off and toss it into the toilet. We've used them on both of our kids. Gentan, when he was a month old, and Ayumi, since birth.

Why we decided to use them originally

Originally, it was a question of price. We noticed that Gentan used perhaps ten diapers a day when he was small, and after a few calculations we decided that the reusable path was the way to go. I've heard it said that during the first three years, a normal kid consumes about 10000 swedish crowns worth of diapers. I did some calculations, and ended up at around that figure (a bit more). So if you have two kids, you get 20k, three kids = 30k, etc. We knew right along from the beginning that we wanted more than one child. So we bought diapers for around 3000 swedish crowns (including wrappers, and rice paper). These diapers are the ones we use for Ayumi (our second child). So we've spent 1500 crowns on each child. Quite a difference! And Im not including all the things you need for children who use disposables- the different salves, lotions, etc for the childrens poor rash covered bottoms. Oh and the special wiping paper used to get the poo of their bottoms as well. We discovered that with cloth diapers, the excrement sticks to the cloth, not the childs butt. So we hardly ever needed to rub the poo off their skin. And with a little water and soap, the child's skin stays clean, and we haven't needed any special lotion. Sure, we needed to wash a bit more. With one child, we washed a bit under one extra machine every other day. With two kids using washable diapers, we washed roughly an extra machine per day.

why we continued - why are they good

After a while, we started to get a better income in our household, but we continued with these diapers. Why?

Common Misconceptions