Thu Aug 18 00:53:00 CEST 2005

What to bring...


What to bring, what to bring. I mean, we're off for over a
month! My laptop is a must, and our digicam and camcorder as
well, but shall I bring our wireless router? How many spare
rj45 cables to bring? Shall I bring a Scart cable?

ooo, hard to decide. I want to travel light, does that mean
that I have to skip our pdf/fax/email machine? And what about
our iron?  Its important to be able to iron socks and
neckties. I'd like to bring our 17'' monitor too...

How about the UPS? Its only 10 kilos, I wonder if the
flight staff will be irritated if I bring our network aware
microwave oven...

What to bring, what to bring.