Tue Aug 23 15:12:44 CEST 2005

Finally connected


Crazy, it took some time to get connected to torleif (my web server) from Japan.

For some reason I cant get an ip address from my mothers isp, it seems like I need a password, and I dont really know how to get that to work.. Next, I found some ten to fifteen wireless access points in my neighbourhood, but the ones which were not closed were just a tad too far away to be able to comfortably connect from my apartment.

Next, I tried booting into windows and installing the adsl install disk from her Isp, but it was (surprise surprise) in japanese so my swedish windows could not show any of the characters- it all looked like garbage.

in the end, I decided to install an ssh client on my mothers mac (no, its not macosX) and connect to torleif. To update the blog we need to write the blog on my laptop, then after tarballing it putting it into a usbdisk. the usbdisk is then transferred to my mothers laptop, and finally I connet via sftp to torleif, where I publish it manually.