Wed Aug 24 07:04:18 CEST 2005

Internet connection


Sitting by my mothers mac, writing this entry. Back in the mid
nineties, when I had a mac (an LC I think) there was an application
called something like simpletext. Or simplewrite. or something. I just
could not find it. Instead, I found some "stickies", little windows
which look like post-its. Im writing in one now.

Im wondering how to fix up an internet connection to my
laptop. I've got two realistic  alternatives-   buy a home router,
which will NAT my mother's IP or buy a wireless router so I can access
it from our apartment. I'll probably go for alternative three, which
is buy a home router with wireless capabilities. This way, if the
signal is too low in my apartment, I can still connect it via cable by
moving over to mommy's apartment.

Which leaves the adsl login bit. I seem to remember that in the
home router I have at home there is an alternative to enter a login
and a password. If this is usual (which I believe is the case) then
there are no real problems left.