Fri Sep 30 14:32:26 CEST 2005

Parental leave coming to an end...


Well, its almost been six months since I left work to stay
at home full time with my kids. Strange. Next week I'll be
working (albeit at 50% of normal work-load).

Man its been great! Emotional. I've gotten to know the kids
so much better- much better than I could possibly
imagine. Above all, of course, Ayumi. Every day, I've had six
hours all alone with her- playing around, cleaning up
together, taking walks, shopping, and more. Watching her sleep.

During the period I've been home, Gentan has stopped using
diapers, even at night. He has taken off when it comes to
communicating with us, using sign language and his own
words. Ayumi has started to crawl, then walk; she's gotten her
first teeth, she has started to say things like vovvov,
brrrbrrrm, mama and dada, she can climb up and down from the
sofa. She goes by herself to the potty when she remembers to
do so (though we have to take off her pants for her). They
have learned to play with each other. And fight as well of

Sigh. Like the old saying goes- time flies.