Wed Oct 12 12:35:39 CEST 2005

Whatever happened to Dave Trampier?


I was smurfing the web just now, while Ayumi's sleeping,
and a thought struck me- What happened to the excellent
cartoon series Wormy and its author? Wormy was the highlight
of the D&D magazine Dragon... It was an excellent cartoon. I
did a little searching and apparently the man Dave Tramiper
has disappeared without a trace, he didn't even cash his last
check from TSR...

Strange that a person can disappear like that. I did a
little more web research, and found that he was the artist
behind the game "Titan". Wow! I loved that game. The reason I
remember Titan over all the other board games I've played over
the years is the artwork- every tile on the board is
unique... as is every card, tile, etc. If there were ten cards
with centaurs on them, each one was slightly
different. Henrik (Kniberg) and I could spend quite some time
just looking at the pictures...

But back to the Dragon Magazine- there was another cartoon
called "Whats New?", drawn by Phil and Kaja Foglio. This was
also great fun to read, and when I did my little search, I was
relieved to see that they're still around, drawing for
different game companies... and drawing their own cartoon as
well. So some good things from my childhood are still around
today... which is kind of nice :)

But the question remains unanswered- Where is Dave